Things To Do, When a Loved One Dies

Request your copy of "Things To Do List When a Loved One Dies". Helps you or your loved one navigate the many tasks in a difficult time.

What Our Clients Say

I am thankful to have found Grief - IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE OK! I found it helped me support my sister after the loss of her husband. Great list of resources.
Janet Sinclair
I have served my country and I am no stanger to loss, but I found this book valuable. Both in my own grieving journey and in supporting others. I like the no BS style of cutting through the myths about grief and not a bunch of platitudes.
Kirk McManus
I lost my dad to COVID. I was angry and did not understand why. My sister gave me this book and all I could think is the last thing I want is a homework assignment. I am glad she did. As a young adult I had no gauge, experience or understanding of what I was going through.
Marcus Huffman
I recently lost my Grandfather. He was an incredible man and larger than life. I was not ready for the flood of emotions and Yes, to be honest, I did wonder if I was grieving correctly. Thank you for the answers I needed.
Ella Besipon

About the book

“Grief – It’s NOT Supposed To Be OK!” is a look at grief from a different angle. Grief is not something you get over. The Stages of grief are a fallacy. We answer questions that many people have during grief. 

Your Grief is Unique