About Us


We are Ron Skinner (left) and Jeff Kirk (below). We started FATS Publishing in February 2021. We have over 50 books published on various topics. In writing and discussing topics we were passionate about, we found grief. We wanted to help those grieving by disparaging many myths about grief and the grieving process. We also wanted to help those trying to support and comfort the grieving understand what to say and what not to say.

Jeff Kirk

What Our Clients Say

I am thankful to have found Grief - IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE OK! I found it helped me support my sister after the loss of her husband. Great list of resources.
Janet Sinclair
I have served my country and I am no stanger to loss, but I found this book valuable. Both in my own grieving journey and in supporting others. I like the no BS style of cutting through the myths about grief and not a bunch of platitudes.
Kirk McManus
I lost my dad to COVID. I was angry and did not understand why. My sister gave me this book and all I could think is the last thing I want is a homework assignment. I am glad she did. As a young adult I had no gauge, experience or understanding of what I was going through.
Marcus Huffman
I recently lost my Grandfather. He was an incredible man and larger than life. I was not ready for the flood of emotions and Yes, to be honest, I did wonder if I was grieving correctly. Thank you for the answers I needed.
Ella Besipon

Upcoming Projects

We have found that Grief is a topic as deep as it is wide. The feedback has been great, and we look for more from YOU! We are already working on several new titles.

Without giving too much away… Some of the topics are;

  • Specific types of losses.
  • A daily grief workbook.
  • A Journal with coping tips.
  • Supporter resource guide.
  • and many more…

If you have an idea or request, PLEASE, reach out using the link below. And join us on Facebook.

WE look forward to working with you and stand by you.

“Little by little, we let go of loss…

but never of love.”