The book is our insights into grief. Through our publishing house, FATS Publishing, we publish books and workbooks. We hope that those grieving find answers and comfort while friends and supporters can find resources and tools to be there for a loved one. The Grieving Journey is a Facebook group. A place where we can share and support each other on an unbearable journey.

On Grief...

Your Grief Is Unique.

I shudder anytime I hear someone start a comfort conversation with, “I know how you feel, I lost my …” Our relationship, shared moments, history, and plans and dreams make that statement impossible.

There Is No Right Or Wrong Way.

How can there be a right or wrong way to grieve if grief is unique? You suffered a loss, and your life is forever changed. You are on a journey, and sure there are deadends you want to avoid, but don’t let other people tell you how to grieve. 

There Is No Timeline.

How can there be a timeline if there is no right or wrong way? We call it a journey, albeit an unwanted one, because the word journey implies movement and progress. Not a progress like, “OK, I’m over it.”, but more “This is how I bear the unbearable, and go on.”

About Us

Ron and Jeff have lived with the aftermath of the death of multiple family members for many years. Their collective experience with grief spans over 80 years and has given them an insight into grief that makes them uniquely qualified to help others.


Our mission is to help those grieving understand what they are feeling and to know that it is NOT supposed to be OK! Also, to help friends, family and supporters be of more comfort and know what to say in this painful moment.


Our vision is to become a valued resource in providing the best and unique publications and resources to educate, encourage, and support those who find themselves confronted with grief.  

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